Trying To Expand Myself. On To Bigger (Maybe Better) Things?

Yes, it’s true. Don’t worry… I’ll still be posting and blogging, but not as often as before. The thing is, I myself have personal goals outside of I plan to actually do some public speaking on what else? Goal-setting (duh)! Aside from goal-setting, I may also do talks on other topics relating to self-help and personal development, since it’s one of my favorite subjects.

I also plan to write a book and speaking of books, I plan on reading more books and learning more. I’ve been looking at Toastmasters and plan on going to my first meeting.

So many wonderful things are happening in my life right now that I’ll try to keep y’all posted. Anyway, thanks for reading :-)!

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Sometimes, It’s Just Better To Just Quit.

Seriously. Just quit. But not permanently. Here’s the thing. There will be times when you’re trying as hard as you can to achieve your goal, and nothing seems to be working. You may even find yourself going “backwards”.

To continue pounding your brains to try to accomplish that goal would be useless. Sometimes, it’s better to just take a break from that goal and focus your mind on something else.

Coaches for sports teams know this tactic well. When things aren’t going well for their team, to have their team continue playing would be really dumb. Dumb coaches don’t last too long, and if you continue banging your head against the wall trying to achieve your goal, chances are you won’t last too long either (or, at the very least, you’ll get a really bad headache).

So, learn from the coaches (at least the winning ones). Go take a break. Speaking of, time for my break ;-)!

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After Fred Flintstone Returns From A Motivational Seminar, THIS Is What Happens…

So, Fred Flintstone learns not only the golden rule, but also to have a positive attitude AND learns to recite affirmations. So, Fred… how’s it going? Well, see for yourself ;-):

Boy… this personal development stuff is harder than they make it look!

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Did You See My New Car?

OK, it’s not mine yet. Actually, because my poor Saturn SW2, which I had since 1999 (yes… over ten years) is about to die, I decided to add a new personal goal to buy a new car. To view my new goal, you can either go to my goals page or click here.

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How To Truly “Act As If”.

I see this enough in personal development books that I feel I need to address it, and it’s on the subject of “acting as if”. According to what many motivational coaches tell you, when you first set goals for yourself, you should “act as if” that goal was already achieved.

For instance… if you set a goal to be wealthy, then you should “act as if” you were already wealthy. Depending upon what self-help book you read, they will give you advice such as: start eating in nice restaurants and order that $50 filet mignon, or go buy that Mercedes-Benz or go put a down-payment on that luxury mansion. OK… so I’ve never really read a book that advises putting money on your dream mansion. However, on a smaller scale, I’ve read at least one self-help book where the author specifically tells readers to go start eating filet mignon (implying that it’s OK for people to go to expensive restaurants that they can’t afford yet).

There is, however, another alternative to the “act as if” principle I heard. I believe this is from Dan Kennedy, a wealth coach, public speaker, entrepreneur and someone I admire. According to him, instead of buying expensive clothes and eating at expensive restaurants, what you should do instead is imitate their work habits and their creativity.

Eating filet mignon and buying expensive jewelry and clothes isn’t the reason these people are successful. It’s their work habit, their desire and passion and their willingness to work on their ideas and the “luxury items” are just the result of that. It’s the fruits of their labor.

Also, it should be noted that many wealthy people live quite frugally.

So if you are to imitate the wealthy, imitate the qualities that caused their wealth, and THEN enjoy your filet mignon ;-)!!!

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Will You Please Help Me With My Goal?

I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. So, as I was watching the Lakers/Suns game just now, my mind actually got to thinking about this site. As you may know, this site focuses on goal-setting and how to achieve your goals. However, up till now, I’ve been pretty much writing from my point of view and from what I’ve read.

But I also realized that I’ve been getting quite a few views from people, and to those of you who took the time to view this site, whether it’s because you were curious or you were hoping to find tips on how to achieve your goals (and, by the way… one of the goals of this “goal-setting” site was… well… to help you achieve your goals ;-)), I just want to say thank-you so much :-)!!!

Here’s Where I Need Your Help…

I want this site to be helpful to other viewers. So, if any of you has accomplished a huge goal in your life, I would love to hear about it! Please feel free to send me the big goal you’ve accomplished and the steps you took to accomplish that goal (I hope you don’t mind if I post it here on this blog for others). Also, I would love to hear about any goals you are currently trying to achieve as well!

Again, thank-you for taking the time to view my blog and I look forward to hearing from you :-)!!!

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The SHOCKING Truth As To Why Affirmations May NOT Work For You (Including A Personal True Story).

Many, many years ago, when I was in pharmacy school, I used to work at this pharmacy about five blocks from my house as a pharmacy technician. That’s not unusual, as most pharmacy school students would work at pharmacies to get some experience and to see how a real pharmacist would work (not to mention whether or not the $30,000.00 they spent on pharmacy school was a wise decision, but that’s another story).

Anyway, I was never the best technician. Good thing there was a pharmacist around, as I was making alot of mistakes and driving the pharmacists there crazy. The funny thing is, I still talk to one of them and still work at his pharmacy occassionally as a pharmacist now (though I’m alot more competent… and confident).

But here’s the thing. Back then, when I was a technician, I remembered as I would walk to work, how I would recite to myself affirmations such as “I’m a great pharmacy technician… I’m a great pharmacy technician… I’m a great pharmacy technician…, etc….” all the way to work. As a matter of fact, if I recall correctly, I wouldn’t step foot into work until I recited my affirmations at least ten times. By the way… all this was before I got deep into self-help and personal development (I was too busy being deep into my pharmacy studies).

Then, as I stepped into work, reality sets in: I would make some bone-headed mistake, the pharmacist would go crazy, and believe it or not, sometimes I would recite these affirmations even more while at work while the pharmacist was going off. It didn’t work. Oh, some days were better than others, but I don’t particularly recall a day that went “perfect”.

Of course, now that I’m a pharmacist, I’m waaaaaay more competent now, and I actually trained one of the pharmacists whom I used to work for as a pharmacy technician on the new computer system.

Here’s Why Affirmations May Not work For You…


Imagine you were walking down a street and some bum walked up to you and said, “I don’t like you. You’re stupid and ignorant… and you dress funny.”. Would you really believe these comments? Well, if he’s a bum, probably not. You’d probably be like, “Oh, get away from me, you bum.”. The thing is, you would consider the source of those comments.

Affirmations like those mentioned in many goal-setting books are the same thing: Many of these self-help gurus will have you recite to yourself “I’m great, I’m fantastic, I’m blah, blah, blah…”. But, separate from yourself is a belief system… how you feel about yourself. Do you really believe you can accomplish your goals? When you look at yourself, do you see someone of authority or do you see “a bum”? Gurus argue that affirmations can fix beliefs, but as I just mentioned with me and my pharmacy technician days, that may not be the case. However, how you view yourself and the “authority” you give yourself may give weight on your affirmations.

Consider: A dance teacher telling you your dance skills are fantastic will have much more weight than your buddy who sits on the couch all day watching “Dancing with the Stars”. Along with the affirmation is the authority.

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